OMEGA Printone is a DLP (Digital Light Processing) printer, composed from a LED projector with a glass optical unit, a projection  mirror and a mechanical Z axis organ with tiny recirculation of spheres.The bowl is filled with liquid resin with the photo-initiator principle with rayless light with a wavelength equal to projector LED light’s. The bowl is equipped with a non-stick material which eases the detachment from the base during lifting after each printed level. The workspace comes in two different materials for the different kind of polymers.

Main features of OMEGA Printone are:

– Minimal amount of space 430 x 300 x 430 mm

– Workspace 131 x 82 mm or 65 x 41 mm (of your choice), height 150 mm

– Weight kg 23

– Protecting cover

– Imports .STL and .OBJ files

DLP Projector

Type: DLP with DMD optic semiconductor

Optics: lens with glass optic

Resolution: WXGA 1280×800

Wavelength: 405nm

USB input

LED power: 5,5A

LED power source: 12Volt DC

Software OMEGA Printone includes:

– Manual and automatic supports generator

– Automatic positioning on workspace

– Slicing e  Nesting

– ‘Stop and Go’ function for work progress check

– File check