About Us

Welcome to Pressing Dental

The best dental technology Made in Italy

Pressing Dental is based in Republic of  San Marino.

For more than 20 years,  Pressing Dental has been researching, developing and manufacturing materials and equipments in the dental market.

Dental Laboratory Technicians

We offers the widest range of excellent and certified materials. For thirty years we produce resins for injection and we can attest their reliability and safety. We produce all our range of CAD CAM disks with the same care to help the technician in daily job. All our equipments (injection machine, scanner, milling –center…) guarantee precision and easy use. Pressing Dental: the best partner for the dental laboratory technician.


For thirty years we support the dentists with our experience and know-out. Our products, TMI Implant System and all our surgical equipments, guarantee reliability and precision.

Our dental materials are certified and safe and they can meet all your daily job needs. Pressing Dental: the best partner for the dentists.

We support custom with:

An integrated management of orders

A warehouse cost minimization

Global cost-effective offers

A constant support

High quality certified products

A continuing and up-to-date training