Injection equipments


J100 Evolution is a polyvalent injection system which allows to inject all thermoplastic materials, ensuring a multiplicity of applications, from the aesthetic hooks up to the elastic prostheses and to protect teeth for sportsmen. It also offers the possibility of injecting all of the hot acrylic resins and polymerized in 30 minutes, under constant pressure.

• New Melting System
• Liquid crystal display
• New System for checking temperature
• 30 pre-set, modifiable programs
• Visible programme setting
• Setting for pre-injection alarm
• Fan-assisted ventilation
• Digital pressure reading


You And Me is the special equipment for injection of thermoplastic products, which presents the same electronic control requirements of “J 100 Evolution” equipment and therefore guarantees the same quality but at a lower price.

Differences with J100 Evolution :
• L’absence of the cooling fun
• Fewer programs available (15)
• The diameter of only 22 cartridge that is inserted directly into the melting furnace with characteristics very similar to J-100 Evolution model


A special automatic equipment suitable for large productions.
J-200 Evolution has two fully autonomous and independent injection systems, an electronic with 30 pre-set programs and forced ventilation for cooling of the muffles and other additional devices, which facilitate the operator in carrying out their work



Actio is a manual injection system. The injection stage must be carried out by the operator, the pressure maintenance after injection is guaranteed mechanically by a spring system and the temperature control is of the electronic type with microprocessor. The fusion time of subsequent cooling must be guaranteed by the operator with the aid of an external timer.



Easy Clasp is a mini manual injection press, suitable for the production of clasp and space maintainers. It can be used with direct technique (with the aid of a silicone) or indirect due to its muffle and is designed to ensure a post constant pressure of about 50kg. The Easy Clasp system give a modest injection pressure and it is only recommended for the production of provisional elements.

• Centering with thermo insulation for muffle
• Centering device for direct injection
• Metal cap for temperatures higher than 250 ° C diam. 16
• Centering for direct injection
• Metal cap for temperature higher than 250°C diam.16
• Nipper to close the tubes
• Tubes n. 36 diameter 16 with caps
• Tube lubricant tipo red 50 cc.



Equipment for pre-heating of resins. H-2 allows you to increase the productivity of mod. Evolution. You can heat (timer 1 – pre-injection heating) two products with different temperatures. The preheating zone is identical to that of Evolution equipment. By calculating the heating times with an external timer, at their end, the tubes are moved on the Evolution equipment for the injection process.



Complex Lux S-8 is a universal -type equipment with 9 lamps. Thanks to the selector it is possible to use all the lamps or the 8 UVA lamps placed alternatively above and on each side of a turntable. At the back, behind a protection glass, a halogen lamp allows the light to act on any part of the prosthesis. The controls are placed on the front panel, it is possible to select the duration of the photopolymerisation cycle. On the rear part, a cooling fan is placed beside the hour counter, to prevent any overheating of resins during the polymerisation stage.



Complex Lux S4 is a high-luminous density equipment which is suitable bothfor laboratories and consulting rooms. It has a wide polymerization chamber and an even photopolymerising light, thanks to the arrangement of the 4 lamps. The drawer – container has a safety device which avoids the undesired start of
the luminous source if it remains open, it works on a fixed track and remains steady on the equipment.
The digital electronic timer placed on the front panel enables to set the polymerisation time according to the user’s needs, the end of cycle is marked by alarm.



Complex Lux S-4 ECO is similar to Complex Lux S-4. The lamps are more economical type and is completely made of plastic material. On the back is one swich which allows you to select the “continuous function” or the 2-minute duration timer. The front door has no safety microswitch.